Core Halfbarz Titanium Bars
Core Halfbarz Titanium Bars

Core Halfbarz Titanium Bars

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The CORE Nova Halfbarz 2 Tone Blue or Black Chrome HIC/SCS Titanium Scooter Bar is CORE's very first signature product - representing team rider Jack "Halfbarz" Ward. Since the beginner, Halfbarz has been part of the CORE riding team and become once of the best park riders in the sport. His new Titanium bars feature a unique 2 tone look, with 1 side being blue, and the other side a chrome polished silver. 

CORE titanium bars are some of the lightest (700 grams) and more sought after bars available, and have been developed to be super light and strong. Enabling riders to land the biggest and best tricks with a lighter custom setup on their scooter, especially Barspins and Tailwhips.

Constructed out of space grade titanium and designed to feel perfect in your hands with our ergonomic design. These bars are a must-have for ALL experienced scooter riders who are serious about riding.

These Titanium bars can fit both SCS and HIC models, all the bars come with an adapter plug for SCS that will cancel out the compression HIC slit and make your bars SCS.

Specification, Compatibility & Technical Details:

  • Compatible Compression Types (see important note below): HIC & can also work with SCS Compression if you cut off the slit at the bottom of the Bars or use the bar bung provided
  • Bar Height: 680mm / 26.8 inches
  • Bar Width: 630mm / 24.8 inches
  • Material: Grade 9 Titanium professionally welded with 2mm reinforced crossbar
  • Outer Diameter: Oversized (34.9mm)
  • Inner Diameter: Standard (28mm)
  • Slit Cut out: Yes - 30mm 
  • Weight: 700 grams
  • Backsweep: None
  • Recommended Clamp Size:  Any standard oversized clamp for IHC, or any SCS Clamp for SCS compression setup

Important Note: Compatibility of your existing scooter with these bars cannot be guaranteed, but we can advise you below on how to make sure they are!

Make sure you’re aware what compression type you want or have on your existing scooter. For both HIC and IHC compression a slit is needed in the bottom of the bar to fit, these may come already done, or you can cut them yourself on purchase, see Youtube for how.

For SCS Bars, there should be no slit, if the bars you’re looking to buy do have a slit, you’ll need to cut the ends off and remove the slit or have an SCS sleeve/bung fitted.