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Ethic DTC bring you their latest and greatest out-of-the-box scooter, The Artefact v2 Complete!

Now featuring the Artefact v2 Deck, Legion ICS Fork with upgraded ICS system, Dynasty v2 Bar and Incube 110mm Wheels this complete scooter is bigger, wider and more solid than its predecessor, without adding excess weight!

This complete scooter is built light and stable, perfect for the serious rider wanting to minimise weight without compromising balance or strength.

The evolution of their original hugely popular "Basics" complete scooter, as Ethic put it... "the same, but better on every point!".

The Artefact v2 Complete Scooter is running ICS which is the lightest compression system available, but can be tricky to run and maintain.

Understanding basic scooter maintenance is essential for getting the most out of this scooter.

We recommend regularly checking and tightening your ICS after solid riding sessions.