Fuzion Z350 Black/Gold Complete Scooter

Fuzion Z350 Black/Gold Complete Scooter

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The Fuzion Z350 2021 Complete Stunt Scooter is an insanely light 3.25kgs! Which for it's size, quality and price is something special!


The Z350 is without a doubt, dollar for dollar, one of the very best high end premium completes in the world. Equipped with the legendary Entropy deck, Aluminum bars & fork, and 110mm hollowcore wheels… this comes with premium end custom parts!


The Fuzion Z350 2020 Complete Stunt Scooter returns as the ultimate top end pro scooter, Fuzion have re-engineered the neck and head-tube to withstand the beating given from some of the best riders in the world. Additionally, they've stacked the Z350 with a brand super lightweight aluminum forks and bars and 110mm hollowcore wheels, again to minimise weight.


Key Features:


Total Scooter Height: 820mm

Suggested Ages: 10+ Years

Bars Spins 360 Degrees for Tricks

Total Scooter Weight: 3.25kgs

Scooter Type: Fixed 1 piece Stunt Scooter that's not foldable, with fixed handlebar size (can but cut down after purchase)

Scooter come pre-dialled, 95% built, all that's needed to do is put the bars on, tighten then clamp then you're off!

Specification, Compatibility & Technical Details:


Bar Height: 24 nches / 610mm

Bar Width: 22 Inches / 558mm

Bar Material Used: Aluminium

Bar Outer Diameter: Standard (31.8mm)

Grips: Oversized 155m HEX Grips

Deck Width: 4.75 Inches / 120mm

Deck Length: 19.5 Inches / 495mm

Deck Foot Space: 12 Inches / 305mm

Deck Material Used: Aluminium 

Clamp Size: Double 

Compression Setup Used: IHC (mini HIC)

Headset Type: Integrated

Wheel Size: Custom Hollowcore 110mm with 88a PU Hardness

Wheel Core Material: Aluminium

Wheel Bearings: ABEC 9

Brake Type: Nylon

Weight Maximum: 100kgs