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Lucky Ti Bar | Titanium | Oversize Bars

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Another day, another new Lucky product you can trust! Lucky are continuing the trend yet innovating Titanium bars with their signature Silo design. Adding a touch of personality with their new Periodic Table logo on the front.

Titanium bars are the strongest bars you can get for such minimal weight. These bars weigh little to nothing coming in at 4 feathers. (Just kidding) they're a crazy 800 grams.

If you like your scooter feather light, these are the bars for you.

*PLEASE NOTE: Cutting titanium is not an easy task. Because it is a reactive metal, it changes its chemical properties when exposed to heat. Therefore, titanium is "cut cold". This means keeping the metal cool during the cutting process, using different techniques. It requires both experience and state of the art equipment to be done properly. As such, Scooter Hut do not offer a bar cutting service on these bars and highly recommend that you do not try cutting the bars yourself at home unless you are experienced at metal fabrication. Cutting these bars completely voids all warranty and will change the properties of the titanium affecting both strength, weight and longevity.