Rekd Pro Knee Pads

Rekd Pro Knee Pads

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  • Heavy Duty PP Impact Cap
  • Ramp-friendly Countersunk rivets
  • Dual Neoprene Butterfly Closure
  • Elasticated Top Strap
  • Nylon Webbing Bottom Strap
  • Top and Bottom Strap-securing Loops
  • Micro-injected Top Logo
  • Embroidered Bottom Logo
  • Layered Heavy Duy EVA Memory Foam
  • Ergonomic Knee Recesses



  • Top Strap Length: 32cm / Bottom Strap Length: 31cm
  • Top fit users up to 35-39cm around the knee


  • Top Strap Length: 35cm / Bottom Strap Length: 33cm
  • Top fit users up to 37-43cm around the knee


  • Top Strap Length: 37cm / Bottom Strap Length: 35cm
  • Top fit users up to 38-46cm around the knee
REKD Protection is leading the way with their Pro Ramp Knee Pads. Designed for riders that want extra protection as well as extra comfort, these knee pads are perfect for all abilities. With outstanding features such as ergonomic knee recesses and dual Neoprene butterfly closure, the REKD Pro Ramp Knee Pads are ideal for all sports and ability levels.